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About Me

Hi, My name is Jennifer.  I am a local breeder of birds.

      When I was young my grandmother, who lived alone, went to Walmart and bought a little lonely green parakeet.  That little bird became her best friend.  He was the reason she couldn’t wait to get up in the morning.  They ate every meal together and she talked to him constantly and when the bird started talking back to her, she was thrilled.

      I believe that is where my fascination began.  I was determined that I was also going to have a little bird buddy to hang out with and talk to. So, I went to the pet store and bought a pretty little parakeet.  I took him home and followed all the advise from all the books I read on how to tame a parakeet. The cute little guy would then act like I was trying to kill him and I would be ever so patient handling him and trying to feed him millet and spending every spare minute of my day doing this until finally I would give up and I would hate the bird as much as he hated me.  This went on for years and I never did get my little feathered friend but I never stopped wanting one.

       When my daughter was just a baby I walked into a pet store and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  They had Pink Parakeets!  I had to have one.  I had just moved to a new state and had not started working yet but as soon as I got my first pay check I went back to that pet store to buy one of the pink birds. The only one they had left was the older breeding female “Maggie”, I was really disappointed because I really wanted a young bird that I could tame but I took her any way because if nothing else she was the most beautiful bird I had ever seen.   One thing that I feel very strongly about is that if you are going to own a small bird the bird should be allowed to fly.  So imagine my surprise when I let Maggie out to fly around the room one day while I was home and when I glanced over Maggie was on the floor making good friends with my than 6 month old baby girl (Jewel).  Maggie, as it turns out, was a very friendly bird.  She had her own plate at the dinner table and would sample the food we were eating.  I loved that bird so much!  

      Years later when my daughter was 10 and Maggie had been gone for a long time I decided that my life needed another bird. I wanted to find another pink bird, a Rosa bourke parakeet, like Maggie.  It was than that I decided that I would get a breeding pair so that I would make sure that I always had one. When I bought my pair from someone in the area I was absolutely shocked to find out that the beautiful male that I had bought (Sampson) was also the most friendly and trusting little bird I had ever seen since Maggie.  Not only that but to my surprise when he fathered his first clutch of babies he was also split to a beautiful mutation called Rubino bourkes.

      And this is how my little hobby began, I enjoyed it so much that I had to have more.  I am a bird addict.  One bird was just prettier than the next and I couldn’t decide between one type of bird or another.  I just had to have some adorable little parrolets .  Than I got two English Budgies which soon turned into six English budgies because I wanted all the colors.  And finally I just had to have a pair of Scarlet chested Parakeets. 

      I pretty much spend every spare moment I have working in the Aviary and enjoying every minute of it.  I could watch those birds forever.  They just fascinate me.  My poor daughter says that they eat better than she does.  I hate to admit it but she is probably right.

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